Think of top sharing economy sites? Examples that immediately spring to mind include Airbnb, Taskrabbit and Zipcar amongst several others. In an article on Shareable, Mira Luna put forth 10 essential points to organize communities, something successful sharing economy sites need to be good at. Here’s our take on some of these points.

How top sharing economy sites organize communities

1) Listen & Communicate

If you’re aggressively marketing and pushing your product from the outset, you’re not listening to your potential consumers. The best community organizers gather feedback and make adjustments.

2) Common Ground & Shared Values

Working with people who hold the same values as you is crucial, especially when conflict arises.

3) Don’t Make Use of your Customers, Build Relationships

It’s very easy to think of your customers as solely business drivers. However, it pays to cultivate and build two-way relationships, at all stakeholder levels. Suppliers, customers, investors etc.

4) Adaptability

Organising communities almost never goes according to script. Hence, ability to respond to changing circumstances will allow your idea to thrive.

5) Open Feedback Sessions

If necessary, it is also beneficial to arrange feedback sessions, in a focus group setting. Value every participant’s opinion input. Make it a paid discussion if you must!