There is a huge momentum for developing sharing economy apps these days. Here’s a fact: the number of mobile internet users is set to overtake that of desktop internet users by the end of next year. Brands and companies will need to refocus on gaining a better understanding of the mobile medium, with a gradual shift away from native platforms.

The Trend in Sharing Economy Apps

A huge driver of this mobile shift comes from developing Asia where millions will skip the desktop step and get right into the mobile internet. An increased understanding of apps in the mobile internet includes determining app preferences of users in different markets. For instance, in a mature mobile market like Singapore, the vast majority of locally developed apps are focused on increasing productivity and efficiency. This includes restaurant reservations, file-sharing apps etc. On the other hand, less mature markets in Indonesia and India for example, find more relevance in apps for information searching and selling ‘stuff’ such as finding weather updates and online marketplaces.

So, if you are thinking of developing new sharing economy apps, give some thought to the kind of mobile market that you are launching in to determine the relevance of your app!