You always need money to build a sharing economy site

You always need money to build a sharing economy site

It takes money to make money, even in the sharing economy

Sure, it’s a cliche, but there is truth in it. Even sharing economy sites, like AirBnB, Uber, or TaskRabbit, which fundamentally don’t own inventory or employee people directly, are still built on having supply and demand in a marketplace. Getting that supply, or connecting with the buyers (demand) costs something, even if that something is just time.

So how much should it cost to build a site?

According to a recent report from Priconomics and Gigster revealed the most typical prices from jobs quoted for cloning popular websites and applications.

How Much Does it Cost to Clone Your Favorite App? Image credit to Gagster

Prices quoted for iOS application cloning only

As noted, these prices are for the iOS application only. Successful modern applications really need multiple components, such as:

  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Web interface
  • Backend for server-side processing
  • Static image and JavaScript serving
  • Content delivery network
  • Other mobile platform apps: Windows Mobile, BlackBerry

What about the backend?

The backend is normally the most critical component. The backend is where the majority of the application logic is processed. Where does a passenger get connected with a driver for ride-sharing services? On the server backend.

The Sharing Engine offers a customizable sharing economy backend

The Sharing Engine is designed based on the experience of building multiple sharing economy sites. Those sites span a number of different verticals:

  • Real estate / short-term stays / rentals / lodging
  • Personal peer-to-peer service marketplaces
  • Used product sales and rentals

With The Sharing Engine, you get a full code base that you can use and tweak to your specific needs. Features of The Sharing Engine include:

  1. Ruby on Rails code base
  2. MySQL database backend
  3. Administrator interface for moderating users/customers/buyers/sellers, listings and transactions
  4. RESTful API-style front-end and back-end communication; pseudo-SOA
  5. Optimized to run on Amazon Web Services and Heroku for easy deployment and scalability
  6. Static image serving pushed to S3, and compatible with major content delivery networks

Notice that the prices of the applications are more than standard startup license of The Sharing Engine! So get started with The Sharing Engine today by contacting us. We can provide you with a demo and guidance for customizing and launching your own sharing economy site quickly and cost-efficiently.