It’s amazing to me to see how many places The Sharing Engine story on SG Entrepreneurs has been syndicated. Now you can read about The Sharing Engine on Topix.

The Sharing Engine on SG Entrepreneurs

The Sharing Engine on SG Entrepreneurs

It’s great to see our site and services featured on other sites. It just surprises me a little bit that so many sites syndicate one piece of content.

We’re happy to talk to site owners and bloggers individually to give you our story. Just contact us!

Our story, both the story of our product and the story of how we got here, are interesting. We’ve gone through an initial incarnation, a pivot (maybe sort of a second one as well) and now we are who we are!

As the CEO of the company, it’s my job to get us coverage, to get us noticed, and to help us find new customers. So in a way, it’s great to see that one story can get pushed around. But on the flip side, there’s not any new content in some of these posts!