Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!

A winner has emerged from The Sharing Engine’s free startup contest. After 3 months and many great entries, we’ve picked a winner.

Winner! - photo credit to Flickr user terren in Virginia

Winner! – photo credit to Flickr user terren in Virginia

We had some really, really great entries, and more than one deserved to win. However, as we said in the contest, there can only be one winner. Just to recap, we evaluated all the contestants on the following categories:

  • Market potential
  • Contestant’s ability to address the market
  • How well refined the concept is
  • How well the concept fits our software

For us at The Sharing Engine, it was incredibly rewarding to interact with so many passionate entrepreneurs who have great visions for the future of the sharing economy. We had entries from several countries around the world:

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Aside from some really, really stimulating discussions, we were able to great incredibly valuable customer feedback. For other startups out there, I highly recommend running a free campaign. It will tell you a lot about the market, what your customers want, and help you get there faster.

Stay tuned for more information on The Sharing Engine and announcements about new TSE customers. We are very excited for what’s coming. To say that we feel like we’re on the cusp of unlocking serious potential in collaborative consumption is an understatement. Around the world, the feedback is consistent – the demand for online sharing and connecting is here now, and growing fast.

We think it’s only a question of time before you’re able to share and find almost anything online, from products you own to skills you have, and everything in between. And it all makes perfect sense. Access over ownership.

Spreadables - access over ownership, from

Spreadables – access over ownership, from